Cheap broadband deals this September

Compare the cheapest broadband packages for 2023
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Cheap broadband deals this September

With so many options available, finding cheap broadband deals can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when broadband packages vary so much in price. To help you make an informed decision about what might be right for you, we’ve explored the cheapest broadband deals and important features to consider in a broadband deal.

Last updated: 02 September, 2023 | Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes

Compare the cheapest broadband deals

You can buy broadband deals without any extras, but packages are often advertised as bundles that include other services in addition to providing internet access. Bundling services will increase the year cost but it could work out cheaper than buying these services individually at standard pricing.

Broadband packages often come with extra benefits as broadband providers try to attract your business. As a result, if you’re a new customer you could enjoy additional one-off perks such as no setup costs, an Amazon gift card or cashback.

While the variation can make navigating broadband packages difficult, it does mean you should be able to find a broadband deal at a cheap monthly cost to suit your needs and your budget.

Cheapest broadband-only deals

Most major broadband providers offer a standard broadband package and these are likely to be the cheapest options available. The cheapest broadband deal you’ll find will likely be ADSL broadband, which uses your existing phone line and is the most widely available connection. The downside is that it offers the slowest broadband speed compared to other connection methods. It will also usually come with line rental

Standard broadband is suitable for light internet users, so it should suffice if you only get online to check emails or do some shopping. If you have multiple devices online at the same time, it might be worth considering a fibre broadband deal instead. View our cheapest broadband-only deals using our comparison table below, all with a monthly price under £25 per month at the time of writing:

Broadband deal Broadband provider Average Speed Contract length
Full Fibre 65 CityFibre TalkTalk 77Mb 18 months
Super Fibre NOW Broadband 63Mb 12 months
150Mbps Fibre Broadband Community Fibre 150Mb 24 months
Fab Fibre NOW Broadband 36Mb 12 months
50Mb Fibre Broadband only Hyperoptic 57Mb 24 months
M125 Fibre Broadband Virgin Media 132Mb 24 months

Some providers, such as Virgin Media, offer equivalent deals with no line rental for all of their packages. Virgin Media’s range of fibre broadband speeds, from M50 up to Gig1 Fibre, can be signed up for with or without line rental, though the monthly cost of each deal will vary accordingly.

Cheap broadband and phone deals

Standard broadband still connects users via phone lines and includes line rental, so it has always been common to bundle broadband and phone deals together in one package. Though today more sophisticated broadband connection methods are available, most broadband providers still offer broadband deals with phone plans together in a single package, which can be more cost-effective. 

Many broadband packages offer pay-as-you-go calls as part of the plan, as well as the option to add on inclusive calls. If you’re looking for fibre-optic broadband, however, providers may charge extra for home phones as this type of broadband connection doesn’t require line rental. Take a look at the cheapest broadband and phone deals available all under £25 at the time of writing:

Broadband & phone deal Broadband provider Average download speed Contract length
Sky Broadband Superfast Sky 59Mb 18 months
Fast Broadband with 1 month free Shell Energy 11Mb 18 months
Full Fibre 100 Wightfibre 100Mb 1 month
Full Fibre 2 CityFibre Vodafone 73Mb 24 months
Full Fibre 100 CityFibre Vodafone 100Mb 24 months
Unlimited Broadband Plusnet 10Mb 18 months

It’s important to note that broadband speeds of 11 Mb or lower, such as the ones offered by Plusnet and Shell Energy in this table, are affordable for a reason. For those of us who enjoy streaming or gaming, download speeds of more than 65 or even 100 Mb will be necessary for seamless viewing, depending on how many users you have at one time.

Cheap broadband and TV deals

Rather than paying for your TV and broadband deals separately, bundling these services could save you money in the long term and offer additional perks not always available with individual bundles. Some of the benefits that come with bundling your broadband deal with a TV packages include:

  • Discounted rates when you sign up for more than one service with the same provider.
  • Perks and extras like cashback, incentives, vouchers and others depending on the deal.
  • Simply dealing with one bill from one provider instead of many separate bills for individual services.

Although not every provider offers broadband and TV deals, it is worth considering if you like to watch TV rather than streaming services like Netflix and are looking for a long term deal. Broadband and TV providers include BT, NOW, Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk.

In our comparison table below, we’ve rounded up the cheapest TV and broadband deals:

Broadband & TV deal Broadband provider Average download speed Contract length
Super Fibre +Cinema Membership Now Broadband 63Mb 12 months
Fab Fibre +Cinema Membership Now Broadband 36Mb 12 months
Sport + Fibre 2 BT 67Mb 24 months
Entertainment & Netflix +Fibre 2 BT 67Mb 24 months
Brilliant Broadband +Cinema Membership Now Broadband 11Mb 12 months

For those who enjoy streaming online content as well as watching live TV, we recommend a fibre broadband deal with average download speeds of 65 Mbps or more. This should mean you won’t experience buffering while you’re watching. Broadband speeds like these also now come in at a similar monthly cost to more basic packages.

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Compare Cheap Broadband Deals

Compare the cheapest broadband packages for 2023

What is the fastest cheap broadband deal?

Broadband speed, particularly download speed, is important to any internet user, but while you may only need a few Mbps to stream a video, who or what you share your bandwidth with is also important. If you live with other people or have several devices that are using the internet (phones, TVs, smart bulbs, etc.), you need to make sure that you don’t go with a low-bandwidth option.

Fibre broadband deals are increasingly affordable and new deals are updated regularly, so it’s well worth comparing packages when your current contract ends. Remember that broadband providers also vary by location as not all of them operate throughout the UK, though major providers like BT, Plusnet and Virgin Media will be available in most areas.

Currently, the cheapest broadband deals available include:

Broadband provider Average download speed Minimum term Monthly cost
Shell Energy 11Mbps 18-month contract £15.99
Plusnet 10Mbps 18-month contract £18.95
Vodafone 38Mbps 24-month contract £19
NOW Broadband 63Mbps 12-month contract £20
Shell Energy 63Mbps 18-month contract £21.99
BT Fibre 2 67Mbps 24-month contract £29.99
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The simplest way to find cheap broadband deals where you live, is to search by postcode. This will enable you to compare packages specific to your area and avoid disappointment.

How do I get a cheap broadband deal in my area?

Comparing broadband deals is the quickest and simplest way to find a cheap broadband deal in your region. All you need to do is enter your postcode to see what’s available. To make sure you find the cheapest package, think about the type of internet user you are, as this will determine the download speed you’re likely to need. This will then influence the type of broadband that’s most suitable – for example, ADSL or a fibre broadband deal.

You should then consider whether or not you want to add other services into your broadband bundle, such as a phone line or TV. If you decide you would like additional services, look out for any special discounts or other offers available.

You can also keep admin and monthly costs down by paying for your broadband deal by direct debit.

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Broadband providers often have great incentives for new customers for instance waiving of one-off fees for set-up costs, or equipment like set-top boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard ADSL broadband is the cheapest way to access the internet at home, but these packages offer slower average download speeds and upload speeds. `

You should be able to find cheap broadband by comparing providers in your region. If you’re specifically looking for fibre broadband deals, you’ll also be able to filter your results to ensure you get the right deal for your needs. Our tool allows you to filter by download speed and by price, which will help you see the cheapest deals with the average speed you require.

In most cases, you’ll need a UK landline to access the internet and your broadband package will usually include a line rental fee, which pays for the maintenance of your phone line. 

If you want to avoid paying line rental because you never use your home phone line, there are broadband-only options. For example, Virgin Media is one of the few major providers that offers broadband-only services without as they use their own coaxial cable network to deliver broadband. 

If Virgin Media doesn’t operate in your area, other broadband-only alternatives include mobile broadband services. To access the internet this way, you’ll need a separate dongle or personal Wi-Fi device that attaches to your laptop or computer.

There’s no guarantee that broadband-only deals without line rental will be any cheaper. This is because providers will typically incentivise packages by including other offers which can make bundles more cost effective. 

Also, if you’re considering using mobile broadband, bear in mind that you’ll be using a mobile 4G or 5G network. In reality, this means your monthly costs could be higher, as mobile data can be more expensive than having a fixed broadband line into your home.

Unlimited broadband means you won’t need to worry about restrictions on the amount of content you download, but it is more expensive than having a data cap. For that reason, unlimited broadband is better suited to heavier internet users who are regularly online and frequently use TV and film streaming services.

When your minimum term contract comes to an end, you’re free to switch to another provider or package without the risk of exit fees.